Thursday, 16 August 2012

Writing Update 3: From Me To You

     When something is going well, why do people say that something is going ‘swimmingly’? Is it because it’s not going ‘drowningly’? What if that something can’t swim? Or if it’s afraid of water? Ok, best way to fix that would be to tie it to a balloon, that way you could float OVER the water…unless it’s a lead balloon.

     Things are going swimmingly in my writing world right now. I’ve been plugging away at the follow-on to It Began With Ashes whilst the debut itself is going through a round of test reads. I’ve decided that self-publishing will be the way forward from here, starting with From Man to Man.

     Speaking of From Man to Man Part 3 is now up on DA. I have to thank you all for your continued support and kind words, pushing me on to continue with this project. From Man To Man will be posted in its entirety (over time) on DA before migrating to Amazon and other ebook websites where it will be free for everyone to purchase/download.

So far, From Man to Man has three parts on DA, and you can find them here:

     As I get closer to a definite on It Began With Ashes I’ll release further details on the novella, including extracts and a sample chapter.

     I’ve also been tackling the social networking match in an effort to boost my profile before self-publishing. As part of this you can find me around the interwebz, here:

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