Thursday, 9 August 2012

DeviantArtist Feature #3: Phillipv745

     So, whilst continuing to struggle against writers block (although managing to continue writing - odd, non?) I've been trawling through deviantART in an attempt to aid other writers in their various quests. With one I discovered a crystal skull, another gave me a beamy-sword, and one even walked into Mordor with me. But, these are stories for another time. Speaking of stories, on to tonight's Artist feature! Philippv745!

     Ok, I admit it, I have a soft spot for writers. Not just because I am one, but because I believe that writers of any kind are unsung heroes on DA. A pictures paint a thousand words, sure, but the writers are the ones who turn a thousand words into a story, poem, song etc. Philippv745 is one of these writers. He's new to DA, having only joined this week (yes I have a soft spot for newbies too!). He's a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy (deep down, aren't we all?) an avid listener of metal music, and an all round nice guy to boot.

Rise: the Fall 
     I've linked the first part to the fantasy novel 'Rise: The Fall' above. I'm a huge fan of any good ol' fantasy romp, so check this out, I think it's got huge potential! Not only is the name ridiculously catchy, Phil has used one of his poems to introduce the story. It goes like this:

Fire consumes a city.
Bodies lie in the streets.
War is fought.
War is won.
A corrupt king falls.
A crippled emperor rises.
The silver stallion burns.
The golden mare rises.
War is fought.
War is won.
The Hymn of a Dead King is sung.

World of Wings: Holding Back the Rain 
And here is Phil's sci-fi novel. Post apocalypse world + angels = win!

Overall, Phillipv745 writes with a profound awareness of his settings and a fantastic use of tension. He has big potential if you ask me! I'm looking forward to seeing what he brings to the table that is DA, as well as looking forward to helping him reach his goal of writing novels! I hope you'll join me in doing so!

Muchos Love,


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