Friday, 17 August 2012

DeviantArtist Feature #4: Terribilus

     It's that time again, and boy do I have a treat for you this week. On my travels this week, whilst looking for an unsung artist on DA, I came across a real gem. A buried treasure that everyone seems to have walked past whilst looking to the sky for answers. But, I'm a bit of a treasure finder, so I'll give you a map and a compass to join me in my search. Don't worry about bringing spare bags to carry it all, as this treasure is one you'll want to visit again and again. Without further ado, I present this week's DeviantArtist Feature:

     Terribilus is a FANTASTIC artist from Bulgaria. He's been a Deviant for 3 years, knocking out 80 deviations in that time, and each of them is AMAZING. Yet, I don't think he's received the recognition he deserves, so...Friends, Roman, lend me yours eyes!

     Beautiful. That's all I can think of when looking at this. It looks like the front cover of a novel if you ask me. And I'd definitely buy the book! The detail on the warrior in the main is amazing, but the attention to the battle in the background is the real awe inspirer here. Rather than skimp on the 'setting' Terribilus has brought the foreground to life by giving it something to exist within.

     Friends, Romans....Walruses? (Is that plural for Walrus? Or is it Walrusi? Hmm, food for thought!)
     Lend me your...tusks? (Sorry, I couldn't resist).
     Honestly, at first glance I thought this was real. My whole belief in evolution was shattered. No, but seriously, this artwork is amazing. Terribilus has adapted the creature to a humanoid stature, perfectly fitting the armour of a Roman Legionnaire.

     Another one that I thought real. 'Izumi' embodies the beautiful yet deadly soul of the samurai. The contrast between silky cloths, elegant tattoos, rugged armour and marred weapon, have been expertly exercised. The character's pose is far from the easiest to align, but Terribilus has wrought it wonderfully.

     This is just a taster of the veritable treasure trove waiting in Terriblus' gallery! Honestly, check it out, you won't be disappointed!

     Muchos love,

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