Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Writer Update 2: It Began With Ashes...

*Hic* Still shaking off the effects of last night. *Hic.* Yet, that's an ominous title for a blog...or is it?

     Wow...this has been a long day. Worse, it's been a long week! AND IT'S ONLY WEDNESDAY! Normally I can shake a hangover in an hour or two, and if not I'll sweat it out in the gym. Not so today. Must be getting old. Twenty-two going on Eighty-two. And in regards to the week being long, well, it's not been an easy one as my prime writing supporter and inspiration is away at the moment. Sap, right? If you're reading this, 'dear girlfriend', yes I miss you. (Please stop laughing at me!).


     I've never let a dull day get me down, and I'm not about to start now (green tea has helped too!).

     I've been toying with the old social networking this week, as you've probably noticed. Pushing for Twitter and Facebook 'success' whilst harping away on my blogs/journals. In regards to writing I'm just about hitting my 2000 words a day target, whilst being careful not to overdo, thus killing the enthusiasm.

     (This is the third paragraph to start with an I've...hmm, not good!) I've promised something more 'concrete' in regards to fires this week and here it is. The work-in-progress blurb for the novella, and the official title. So, here it is:

It Began With Ashes

'Live with a Sword, or die without?'

Some are born to the fires of war. Many are scattered in the ashes. Few rise from the embers.

Wroge has not seen war for twelve years. The conquering Arneut reign over the Keltir clans, having banished the Vikir and the Narz. All claims to Wroge are divided by blood.

Draven Reinhardt survived the war with his share of 'burns' – memories mostly. Settled with wife and child, he has turned his back on life with a sword.

Yet, old claims are not forgotten. When allies return as enemies, Draven finds himself drawn to the flames, and four young men are forced together. Their blood divides them, but they most look past the grudges of their peoples to save a nation.

     If you have any feedback on the above, bearing in mind it's still a work in progress so your opinion REALLY does count, please leave a comment below or feel free to note me!

     Give it a few weeks and I might post an extract or a sample chapter. I've also started gathering concept artwork for characters and scenes, and excitingly, I've put the feelers out for cover-art ready for if I decide to self publish!

     You can find me around the interwebz, here:

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