Thursday, 2 August 2012

DeviantArtist Feature #2: Gazebi

     Must say, I'm quite enjoying revisiting this spotlight malarky. Getting back into the swing of things (even if I'm still suffering from chronic writer's block / doubts). One deviant who's caught my eye this week has also caught my attention in regards to an artwork request, but I'd decided to feature her even before the deal was struck. As some of you may remember, I enjoy showcasing the more 'unknown' artists here on DA and though today's artist is a far cry from that, I think it's time we started poking her for more than 9 deviations. She's gotta share her talent with the world people!

     Gazebi is a remarkably talented artist for her age, but her work is crafted with a veteran artisan's quill / brush / mouse. She hopes to be an illustrator one day, an admirable goal if you ask me - the world can never have too much creativity!

     Let's start with this digital image. Commissioned on DeviantArt, based on a Gaia character, this is a pretty bold picture if you ask me. I like the pose, I like the colours, and I think gazebi has done a wicked job with capturing the subject's facial expression (particularly the eyes).

     Gazebi proves she's not a one-trick-pony with this traditional piece, straying away from the digital side (ooo, twilight zone music!). The subject here is Jared Padalecki from the TV show 'Supernatural'. A lot of care and attention went into this portrait, and detail was most definitely not skimped on - I mean, you can see his teeth! TEETH GODDAMN IT! I mean, seriously, how many deviations have smiles but no teeth these days? (It's ok to laugh, they can't hurt you...they don't bite :P Well, they might gum you a little bit!)

     Lastly, we have Gazebi's newest deviation. Created using SAI and Photoshop CS4, the subject here is 'Azyriel' another commissioned character. This is a perfect example of using a reference image for a pose and transforming it into something else. The colours here are fantastic and the little added touches on the clothing and the tattoos make it all the more impressive.

Well, that concludes this week's Artist Feature. Thank you for stopping by! Don't forget to check out my other journal posts from this week, and look forward to a Book review coming between tomorrow and Monday. If I don't speak to you before, have a fantastic weekend!

     Muchos love,

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