Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Writing Update 1: 'What's he doing in there?'

     So, this blog's supposed to be something of a journal, but a public one? I said last week that I'd post an 'update' on my 'current project' as per Wednesday nights. Forgive me, as I'm a virgin-blogger in this sense. Be gentle, it's my first time.

Dear Diary...

     ...Ok, I'm just playing up now, I'm sorry. You know how I get after a sugary drink and a packet of skittles (well, they weren't skittles, they were fruit gums, but now you're just being picky).

     I've been back on DeviantArt a little over a week now, and have only posted 2 short stories.
* The first is set in my usual fantasy world, and tells the tale of a prisoner at the gallows.
* The second is also in my usual fantasy world, but with a known character that some of you might recognise. Few readers might even be able to place what sort of time frame this occurs.

     Over the past few days, weeks and months, I've been working on my voice and writing style. This has been tailored to a retelling of one of my old stories. I'm really excited about it as I've actually quite enjoyed producing this, although my girlfriend had to support me (read: Shotgun wedding style) through the teething period.

     Under the working title 'Fires', it's a novella length piece that I might look into self publishing on amazon's e-book service. I'll release further details as I finalise my decisions, but 'Fires' is the first 'part' to a multi-part series of novellas. But, I can't just leave you with a tid-bit of information, so I can confirm that I've been looking into selecting a 'one-shot page' or something to post here on DA. In the mean time, I'll let you in on the tag line for the first novella:
     'Live with a sword, or die without one?'

      The project is written in a similar time frame to a few of my old deviations (some of which I deleted to prevent spoilers), one in particular. It’s a very different style to this, but the new project features a few old faces. Deviation, First Raid on Hidann Village:
     As well as writing, I’ve been carving myself a little ‘social networking’ home-away-from-home. You can find me around the interwebz, here:

     Well readers, I hope to have something a little more concrete for you next week. Definitely going to look into that ‘one-shot page’, and who knows, if I do decide to self publish, I might even upload a sample chapter as a taster!

     You stay classy San-Diary-ego (see what I did there? Sad, I know.)


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