Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Everyone has to start somewhere

     It's always thrown around that everyone has to start somewhere, start with the small work up to the big, one step at a get the idea.

     This is my start. Let me introduce myself to you.  I'm David, recognisable under my pen name 'David E. M. Emrys' or 'D. E. M. Emrys'.  I'm an aspring author, dabbling in heroic-fantasy novels.  I'm inspired by such greats as Michael J Sullivan, James Barclay, Brent Weeks, Peter V Brett and the big-daddy-of-heroic-fantasy-himself David Gemmell.

     Via this blog I will deliver reader reviews, my take on writing stories (the do's don't's etc.), and news on my own work as it develops.

     Thanks for stopping by, you'll be hearing from me soon!