Thursday, 26 July 2012

DeviantArtist Feature#1: RachelleFryatt

     So, here we are my friends and followers. It's been a good long while since I've done this for real, over a year ago to be exact. I've rolled out the red carpet (had to patch a few spots), cleaned the spotlight (new bulb and all!) and I've even put on my best shoes (these ones still have soles to them! :D). I've quite missed doing this, and I've only just realised it. Trolling my way through deviantart for another fellow artist (of sorts at least! I mean, there's only so many myspace-pic-semi-nude-galleries that a guy can look through in the pursuit of 'art') to feature in my journal. Back in the day, these features would generate a decent amount of interest in the artists, so without further ado, I hope you give a warm welcome to an old friend of mine, Rach!

     I featured Rachelle here last year, but under a different username. Since her account change, she has uploaded her old art as well as extending her gallery, hence her getting a full re-feature. I always contact my spotlight artists before featuring them, one out of common courtesy and two because I'd like to draw particular attention to any work that they themselves would like to highlight.

     First we have a costume design for a character known as 'Morrend'. Morrend is an Astarel, a race of nomads who are constantly mutating. Their armour is formed when their flesh calcifies over time to create living armour. Throughout their lives the armour continues to grow, until it completely locks them in place.

     Not only do I like the concept here, I love the artwork. Each costume variation is unique, but in my eyes they each portray the character as something of a wastelander, maybe a bit of an outcast, but that goes with the nomad theme behind it all! Good by me!

     Secondly we have a creature concept by the name of Wing. Rachelle used a different technique to her norm with this one, preferring larger areas of singular colour and shapes, something of a far cry to her usual attention to the minute detail. However, this approach has not lost any of Rachelle's usual 'art-charm' and to me Wing looks awesome!

      Last, but certainly not least, we have Sphinx, another creature. This deviation surmises what many other character (read:creature) images lack at the moment. Dynamic. The pose has been well thought out, and executed with an artisan's flair. I can't draw to save my life, but if I did attempt to draw a creature, the anatomy would baffle me. But, oh no, Rachelle has risen to the occasion and brought Sphinx to life not just in the finer detail of texturing, but in the way he stands on the page (read: screen) looking out at you, with what I think is a cheeky smile of 'hey, how you doin?'

     Well, that concludes this week's Artist Feature. Thank you for stopping by! Don't forget to check out my other journal posts from this week, and look forward to a Book review coming between tomorrow and Monday. If I don't speak to you before, have a fantastic weekend!

     Muchos love,

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