Monday, 18 February 2013

Guest Post: Sci-fi Author, Doug Strider.

Writing and publishing is not the dog eat dog world you'd think it is. Indie or indie, e-published or paperbound, genre or otherwise, for the most part the 'writing' community stick together - a pack, almost. We have our alphas, our betas, cubs and sires. A pack sticks together, and that's what this post is about.

At present, I have only published fantasy stories, but my second love is Sci-Fi. I stumbled across a Sci-Fi author by chance the other day, and found my god can he spin a good yarn! So without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to Doug Strider.

Hello, I’m Doug Strider.

There is a part of me that remains 7 years old. The part that absolutely loves sci-fi. Watching spaceships, ray guns, aliens, heroes fighting the good fight on cinema screens and the humble old television. My dad and I engrossed in everything that was going on. Very fond memories right there, sci-fi was something we both shared a love of.

That same 7 year-old also had a fantastic imagination. He was a space captain, he had a nemesis (Ruston, I’ll let you guess what his speciality was), he had a spaceship (rather reminiscent of Thunderbird 2 it turned out) and he was a goddam space hero. That was my first proper creation I believe. I don’t think building vast spaceships from Lego, that constantly fell apart every time I tried to woosh them through the air, counts as much but it was bloody good fun.

Thirteen years later the 7 year-old piped up in my brain and I started writing properly. I wrote a sci-fi novel and the start of many more but that all faded away as my attention was needed elsewhere and it would take around twenty years for the voice to say, “Hey, remember when you were a space captain? That was great.”
Surrounded now by many creative people, especially my writerly partner Jen, I felt comfortable to pursue story telling once more and the 7 year-old me is very happy indeed. So that’s how I came to start writing Space Danger! It has spaceships, ray guns, aliens, heroes fighting the good fight and it’s fantastic fun. I’m loving immersing myself in this universe, it’s giving me a chance to express my imagination, my humour and that there’s life in this tired old brain yet.

Surrounding my rekindled love of writing, I’m still involved a fair few audio projects, another awesome outlet for my creativity. The Bearcast (co-hosting in character), Soldiers of Tangent (co-hosting as myself in an ever expanding spiral of tangents and Grade A fibbing), Dark Fiction Magazine (narrating, herding narrators and producing) and the odd contribution to other projects here and there.

The 7 year-old loves it all but is mostly excited that he gets to be a space captain again. That’s the best bit.
This blog post is brought to you with thanks to D.E.M. Emrys who has let me guest on his site. He writes a cracking tale himself. Currently reading It Began With Ashes in my other genre of choice and I’m really bloody enjoying it.

D. E. M. Emrys. Author. Soldier by day, Soldier by night - Writer in Between. 

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